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CablePod Finger Ring Holder

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Material: Liquid Silicone
Color: Black/Pink/Blue/Green/Lavender Gray/Gold
Diameter: 40 mm; Inner Ring: 24.5 mm

Suitable for All Models of Mobile Phones
Scope of Application: Mobile Phone / Car Air Outlet Mount / Desktop
Comes with a 3M adhesive backing! Sticks to both phones and cases, and can be removed without leaving excess residue.


Installation & removal:
  1. Clean dirt and dust of smart phone/tablet at the part to be pasted.
  2. Remove the protective film of the ring and paste it up to smart phone/tablet.
  3. Press softly by hand to ensure stickness.
  4. To remove the ring, please shell off from edge firstly, then uncover completely.
NOTE: This product does not include magnetic base

360 Deg Rotating Structure
Simple Design with Amazing Workmanship and Material!




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